Body Contourng Post Weight Loss

Body Contouring Post Weight Loss

Globally renowned and respected Brazilian plastic surgeon Carlos Roxo has perfected the post massive weight loss procedure and partnering with Dr. Alicia Sigler is able to bring his expertise to you here in Tijuana. Dr. Roxo's approach to such extensive and difficult surgery is to perform work on all parts of the body simultaneously with the aid of other surgeons, resident surgeons and fellows.

Of the body in 5 hours, with minimal blood loss, no need for blood transfusions and excellent results, with a happy patient walking around the following day and being able to go home as if the surgery had been not that extensive. He accomplished this taking advantage of a group of skillful residents and fellows that take care of different parts of the body simultaneously. Anesthesiologists who are very knowledgeable on how to treat this patients while under anesthesia and postsurgical care which is very similar to the one given to a tummy tuck patient.

Dr Sigler has been fortunate to learn from him and will start a partnership with Dr Roxo to provide the same excellent result at a very affordable price. You will not need to travel to Brazil to get your surgery done there by Dr Roxo. Dr Roxo and Dr Sigler will be performing his techniques in Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico. At a state of the art clinic with all the postoperative care you need after one of these surgical combos, that may include tummy tuck or lower body lift, breast lift, arm lift and thigh lift. Depending on the need for ongoing nursing care you may be discharged from the clinic the following day or two and will be transferred to a recovery home or hotel with a nurse assisting you.

Follow up visits are important to assess your recovery, energy level, mobility, drainage from surgical areas, and vascular status.


“After losing all that weight, I still felt like my clothes didn’t fit right and I was not confident to go to the beach. Plastic surgery on my arms, tummy and thighs with hidden scars allowed be to feel so much better about my body!” “Even when I lost more than 100 pounds and was proud of myself, I still didn’t like how my breasts, arms and rest of my body looked. So, after planning which areas were my priority, I was able to get rid of all my sagging skin in two stages with the help of my plastic surgeon, Dr. Sigler” “I have never felt so good about my body until now that I lost all this weight. With plastic surgery I had my breasts back firm and my abdomen flat with a scar I can hide under my bikini”

What are the various procedures involved?

Tummy Tuck $4,300. Extended Tummy Tuck Incision extends farther than the conventional incision hip to hip in order to avoid the “dog ears” or extra skin around that area. $4,800. Lower body lift A circumferential incision is made on the lower abdominal and back areas. The surgeon removes excess skin and fat, flattens the abdomen, and lifts outer thighs and gluteal sagging skin. Note that this procedure does not necesarily add volume to buttocks. $8,000. Arm lift
The incision runs along the inner arm skin and removes the sagging skin resulting in a firm look to the arms. This effectively gets rid of 'bat wings'. $3,500. Mini arm lift An incision is hidden in the armpit and it’s only proposed when there is sagging skin soley in that area, with no “bat wings” or extra skin along the arm length. $2,500. Breast lift With implants $4,800. Fleur de Lis abdominoplasty An incision in an inverted T is created on the lower abdominal area and up the midline of belly. All the extra abdominal skin horizontally and vertically is removed and a new belly button is reconstructed. The belly button reconstruction is recommended when there is already a surgical vertical scar. $6,000. Cruroplasty (thigh lift) The incision runs along inner area of thighs, which sometimes is not well hidden depending on how much extra skin has to be resected. The procedure removes sagging skin of the inner thighs and tightens skin circumferentially on the thighs. $4,300. Mini cruroplasty (mini thigh lift) The incision is placed on the groins to minimize skin sagging in the upper area of inner thighs. The downside to this technique is the scars often drop due to gravity and muscle activity, showing below the bikini and underwear lines. Additionally, the scars themselves may be thick. $3,000. Two or three of these procedures can be combined as a package with a maximum surgery time of 6 hours. Packages receive a 10% discount off the combined grand total for all procedures.

What body contouring can and cannot do

Body contouring can: Remove all of your sagging skin left from your weight loss Rid you of the extra fat that you may still have in your body after the weight loss Give you a body that looks younger, harmonious and fit Body contouring cannot: Make make you stronger or healthier Help you loose more weight Prevent you from gaining your weight back Leave invisible scars, and not all scars are guaranteed to be small and thin Remove all of your stretch marks Make your body look the way it did when you were young and or before your weight gain

Am I a good candidate?

You are an ideal candidate if:

• You are in good health with no illnesses, but if you have high blood pressure or diabetes, thyroid, heart or kidney problems, they have to be well controlled. Dr Sigler will need a letter from your treating specialist clearing you to undergo a surgical procedure that may last from 3 to 5 hours.
• You do not smoke (cigarettes or marijuana) or vape
• Your pre-op lab work is normal

• You agree to follow the pre-surgery instructions and be off the listed medications 2-3 weeks prior to surgery. These include anticoagulants or other blood thinners that can lead to serious complications after surgery. It is preferred you stop taking any feminine hormones such as estrogen and progesterone as well.
• You have reached your desired weight with a BMi (body mass index) of 30 or less
• You have friends or family available for your post-operative care
• You are willing to follow post-operative instructions, take medications and wear compression garments as directed
• You are able to take 14 days or more off work to rest at home and heal

Pricing and payment

Pricing may vary upon each patient's specific request and condition.

Contact Dr. Sigler for pricing and payment by clicking this link for a consultation

or by phone:

English: +1 (619) 735-6832

Spanish: +52 (664) 634-3790

Prepping for your surgery

Dr Sigler and Dr Roxo will need a full battery of labwork that will include CBC (Complete Blood Cell count), CMP (Complete Metabolic Panel), PT/INR, PTT which are the coagulation tests, UA (urinalysis), Blood Type, Thyroid function tests and HIV/Hepatitis tests. If all of them are normal, Dr Sigler will require a letter from your medical internist stating you are in good conditions to undergo these surgical procedures. If you have a heart condition or high blood pressure or you are 50 or over, Dr Sigler will require an EKG and a cardiovascular assessment by a cardiologist and a letter by him stating you may have this kind of surgery.Since nutrition may be impaired after massive weight loss, if any problems are detected in the albumin or other proteins in the labwork, Dr Sigler and Dr Roxo will not schedule your surgery until your nutritional status is normal. Wound healing depends on good nutrition before and after the surgery. You will be recommended a menu of foods after your surgery to heal in a proper manner

During the consultation, your medical history will be taken in order for Dr. Sigler to evaluate your general health. A careful examination will also be conducted. Together with Dr. Sigler, you will discuss the procedure and communicate your desires, your concerns and the results you hope to achieve. You may bring photographs to show Dr. Sigler examples of what you are looking for. Dr. Sigler will go over details of the procedure itself and the possible risks and complications as it pertains to any medical or structural issues she sees in your case. She will go over the type of anesthesia to be used. Once you have all your questions answered, you will both agree on a surgery plan and a proposed date. Photos are taken before and after the surgery in order to determine the amount of improvement.

Setting Your Surgery Date
A deposit is required to confirm the date and time of the procedure. See pricing and payment above for details.

If You Smoke
If you smoke, this habit should be stopped at least two months prior to surgery. This includes vaping and marijuana smoking.

Two Weeks Prior to Surgery
Review and download this list of medications and supplements to avoid.

Stop taking any medication on this list two to three weeks before the surgery. Avoid any intake of aspirin, ibuprofen, Naproxen (excedrin, Motrin, Aleve, Advil), vitamins that include vitamin E, and energy drinks as well.

Arrange for family or friends to be available for assistance when you return home to recuperate. Clear your schedule. Make a list and organize your environment to be safe and condusive to bedrest. Stock your kitchen and plan ahead for a period of time spent watching TV, reading or simply relaxing.

Pre-op labwork should be done two weeks before the surgery with your own doctor, and then sent to Dr. Sigler. If you prefer Dr. Sigler to do the labwork, you will need to make arrangements prior to your surgery date. Required labwork includes:

CBC (Complete Blood Count), CMP (Chemical Metabolic Panel), PT (Prothrombin Time) and INR, PTT (Partial Thromboplastin Time) and any other labwork specific to your particular medical condition(s), such as a Thyroid Hormonal Panel.

If you are over 50, it will be necessary to have a cardiovascular assessment including an EKG and possibly a chest x-ray. Dr. Sigler will advise.

Approval for Surgery

If you are currently undergoing treatment for a medical condition or disease, a letter from your treating specialist must be sent to Dr. Sigler at least two weeks prior to the surgery stating you are cleared to go ahead with the procedure, and include any pre-op and post-op recomendations in order to avoid possible complications during or after the surgical procedure.

Night before Surgery
Eat a lighter dinner and do not eat or drink past midnight.

Day of Surgery
Do not eat or drink anything except a little water. Allow sufficient time to get to the surgery center. Using Dr. Sigler’s car service is usually the most efficient way to ensure a timely arrival. Intake is typically scheduled two hours prior to the actual surgery. You will meet with Dr. Sigler for your pre-op consultation, pre-op photos and markings on body or face, and for a final discussion about your procedure. Paperwork is completed and final prepping by your surgical team is carefully performed.

Post surgery care

After body contouring surgery you will need to wear compression garments during one month, day and night, to avoid complications, you will also have to follow up with Dr. Sigler one week, two weeks, one month and two mo the after surgery. Walking, early mobilization and being well hydrated are key during the recovery time to minimize the occurrence of Deep Vein Thrombosis or Pulmonary Embolism that May lead to death. Steying in Tijuana or sandiego for one to two weeks is recommended to be observed by Dr Sigler’s and Inn any complication may occur you will be treated in a timely fashion and proper way.