Postbariatric surgery doesn’t need to be multiple surgeries

Choosing to move forward on body contouring surgery is a big decision. Alicia Sigler MD understands the difficulty a patient may face undergoing multiple surgeries and instead has developed a streamlined method to address postbariatric surgery in one session where possible. Alicia Sigler MD ensures a gold standard of care in the operating room with her expert team to perform body contouring, removing excess of skin.  This team work makes it possible to perform two to three procedures in 6 hours to avoid major complications and have the patient walking and feeling good the following day with no need of blood transfusion.  The procedures that can be done within those 6 hours include:  lower body lifting with breastlift and brachioplasty, lower body lifting with facelift, lower body lifting with brachioplasty and thigh lift. Contact us for more information.

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