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Switched to Dr. Sigler

This review was posted on Real Self and it says it all. The patient also adds some helpful details.

(The original post has not been altered) Her reference to DR is referring to "Dominican Republic.

I decided DR was outside my comfort zone. After hours of Internet sleuthing and emailing Drs I found Alicia Sigler in Tijuana. Her email responses to me were so spot on I knew my search was over. I ended up having a lower and mid facelift, lip lift (life changing!) and corner brow lift. I thought I might need my eyes done but she said Brow was only needed and she was right.

I also had implants and full breast lift. It took two surgeries, two separate trips because she would not do everything at once. I was crazy for thinking that was possible!

I saw her at two different clinics. Both were immaculate with great nurses and outstanding anesthesiologist's. I spent the night at the clinic both times and the care was great.

I had a car service pick me up from the San Diego airport and drop me off at the GORGEOUS Lucerna Hotel about 30 minutes later. Concierge set me up with a great massage, pedicure down the street. Had a fabulous dinner at the hotel and walked about 7 minutes in the morning to Alicia's office. Hotel driver would have taken me but it was beautiful out and I felt so safe. Area is nice but of course I knew not to be showy. Sweatpants, long sleeved tee and overnight bag.

The whole experience was great and I'll go back. Alicia is gorgeous herself, super nice with a very calming personality. I wanted to look better, but natural, which is exactly what I got. I pretty much told her to do what she thought was right and I'm so glad I did. The lip lift is one of her signature procedures I believe, such a simple procedure but what a huge impact! I'm not sure of the breakdown price wise for each procedure but it was crazy reasonable for outstanding work.

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