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What happens when I click the "Book my Consultation" button???

Ready for a change? Need more information? What’s next…..

Congratulations on considering plastic surgery.

Check out Dr’s Web site at;

Many of your questions can be answered just by looking around Dr. Sigler’s website. Below you will find more information for when you are ready to move forward or just need more information.

Procedure(s): You can find descriptions of the most common procedures on the web site. Not all procedures are listed so don’t hesitate to ask if Dr. Sigler offers what you are looking for. More than one procedure can often be done at the same time and, if the Dr. thinks it is possible in your case, you will get a discount.

Pricing: What you won’t find one her web site is pricing. That is because Dr. doesn’t use a “one size fits all” approach to pricing. Each patient’s case is personal and unique. Pricing is determined after the Dr. receives the pictures and information she will request from you. Going by a “Price List” may not be the best determination of value as it may not reflect what that price actually covers, nor the expertise and credentials of that Dr. etc. You don’t want to have any “surprise” charges pop-up later.

Your first step: On her web site is a button that says: BOOK MY CONSULTATION. It is not obligating you to anything specific and your information is kept in strictest confidence. You will be asked for a name and bit of information about what procedure you are considering. There’s no need to include any photos at that time.

Upon receipt of your request, you will be contacted by a member of Dr’s staff. You will be informed what photos and information the Dr. needs. This information is very important as it will allow Doctor Sigler to virtually give you her professional advice, options for treatment, and quotes.

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